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Gas Stations With High Crime Incidents

Crime cannot flourish in a Community that cares.



- Corporal M. Smith Fulton County Police Department (FCPD)

We Are a Special Task Force Working very hard with FCPD & the DA's office to make South Fulton Safe!
Daphne Jordan
Helen Willis
 Raynard Johnson
& Resources
Investigation finds teens driving force behind crime


Fulton County Police Involvement


Task Force Collaborates With FCPD on High Crimes at Gas Stations

Response from Fulton County DA



DA is actively looking into the crime at gas stations in South Fulton. 

  • There are OVER 100 Juvenile Delinquent Teens in South Fulton

  • Majority of these teens live within our communities

  • Crimes committed by teens at gas station have been said to be "gang initiations"

  • Our Task Force is planning to lobby for REAL Juvenile Reform in current Juvenile laws

Juveniles & Crime
See Something...
Say Something
Doing Our Part

We Have to do OUR part to avoid being a victim!The criminals are watching US at All Times!

Tips, tips, and more tips


- Do not leave cars running at the pump 
- Lock your car doors as soon as you get out of your vehicle 
- Get off your cell phones
- Do not leave your children in the car 
- Look around, drive around to see if you notice people hanging around. If so DO NOT SHOP there 
- Buy gas at BJ's, Kroger, other places that have attendants, cameras, and/or onsite security

See Something, Say Something- 
*For Non Emergencies, Call FCPD Crime Tip Line - 404-613-6529

45% of Crimes at gas stations are not actually burglaries, the keys were left in the vehicle and/or cars were left running. We must be vigilant at all times and remember 

20/30 - 

Takes 30 Secs to secure your property but only 20 Secs for thieves to get what they want. 

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