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How this all began...

Over the past few years, there's been a surge of crime in South Fulton. We experienced a home invasion in November, 2015. We were informed by FCPD detectives our iphone was traced to a home near Banneker High school where 3 teen boys resided - ages 13, 14, & 16. The detectives were familiar with the teens but unfortunately, there was no resolution for this crime. Very frustrating to say the least.


In 2016, we noticed crime shifted from neighborhood break-ins to carjackings at local gas stations in the Sandtown Community area. Since April 2016 of this year, there have been 40 incidences of car jackings and/or theft at the Citgo Gas Station - 5225 Campbellton Rd.  My family has lived in the Sandtown community over the past 4 years including my parents. We are just FED UP with the crime period! Most gas stations are targeted because of the lack of security cameras and/or an armed guard. We also know FCPD is very understaffed and are responders to crimes, it was time to do something to stop these crimes from happening in our community!


The High Crimes in South Fulton Initiative was birthed on 10/21/16 to increase awareness, engage the community, and collaborate with police to prevent these crimes from occurring. 95% of these crimes have been against women.  

  • Our goal is to identify gas stations that have high crime incidents

  • Work with FCPD to initiate a Security Survey Assessment

  • Hold these businesses accountable for increasing security measures to help prevent crimes from occurring.

  • Request Alcohol & Beer license Review to deny license renewals for non compliant Gas Stations

  •  Organize a Community Boycott/Peaceful Protest to create awareness within the community 

We've identified several gas stations that are unsafe on our petition site. Please Sign the petition showing support for this initiative and share with others.  - Daphne Jordan



Our Team

Our Community

 Fulton County residents expect to be safe at home, at work, and in their communities. Achieving the outcome that “all people are safe” requires that individuals and businesses take proactive steps to be prepared for public safety situations and that the County also responds quickly and effectively to incidents own content and make changes to the font.

Our Mission

Eliminate crimes at local gas stations by working with FCPD to identify them, identify ways to improve security, and increase awareness in the community to protect the citizens of South Fulton from being victims of these senseless crimes.

Daphne Jordan - Organizer

Daphne Jordan is a native of Atlanta, grew up in the SWATS and is a graduate of Frederick Douglass High School ('90). She has resided in South Fulton since 2010 with her husband and two sons. She is a graduate of Capella University with a degree in Business Administration(Cum Laude Honor Graduate). She has been a biotechnology clinical field specialist for the past 10 yrs. Her community involvement includes previously serving as PTSA President at Young Middle School & Benjamin E Mays High Schools. She is the current Chapter leader of the Well Armed Women of South Atlanta Gun Club.


Due to recent crimes in particularly against women at gas stations in her neighborhood, she decided...TO DO SOMETHING to lessen these occurrences by raising awareness and started the High Crime at South Fulton Gas Stations Initiative which has recently expanded to focus on other crime ridden gas stations in South Fulton. Her passion is her purpose which is to see changes in the community restored as a whole, this initiative is the beginning of creating such changes. 

Follow her on twitter -


Helen Zenobia Willis - Community Activist - Welcome All Community

Helen Z. Willis- Is a 11 resident of Welcome All Community


Savannah State University, Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting 1999

Keller Graduate School of Management of Devry University,

Master of Accounting and Financial Management 2008




Georgia Department of Labor Assistant Manager of Unemployment Insurance Employer Accounts


Hapeville Charter Career Academy Financial School Board

Democratic Party State Committee Member and Fulton County Post Seat Holder

Member of South Metro Democratic Women’s Council

Coalition South Fulton Now Secretary

Protecting our Communities and Schools

High Crime South Fulton Community Organization


Spouse: 28 year veteran Fulton County Sheriff Lt. Vincent Willis Sr. have four children.

Follow her on twitter:  @Helenzenobia

Raynard Johnson - Community Activist - Southwest Atlanta

Raynard Johnson is a native of Atlanta, residing in the "SWATS" community.

Raynard Johnson is a native of Atlanta, residing in the "SWATS" community for over 5 decades. Raynard Johnson is a k-12 product of Atlanta Public Schools, a graduate of Southwest High school (now Jean Childs Young Middle school), and a graduate of Boston College's School of Management, Concentrating in Computer Science.  


Raynard is a seasoned IT professional, with over twenty (20) years of successful Business Analysis / Project Management experience in the financial services, telecommunications, professional services and government sectors.


He is the former candidate for the Atlanta Public Schools Board, District 5. 


Raynard is a motivated and personable education advocate who engages and leverages many alliances to increase communication, curriculum, culture and educational outcomes within the Mays and Douglass high school clusters.


As an active member of the educational community group EMC2 (EMC squared), Raynard has played a vital role in improving communication between the schools, parents and the community at large.


Raynard is a servant in the Southwest Atlanta community currently serving on:


The Atlanta Municipal Court Restorative Justice Board, aimed at guiding and mentoring young first-time offenders, needing to address issues of education, employment, some drug use, anger issues, etc., in order to reconnect the participants to the community;


The Fulton County District Attorney's Citizens' Anti-Gang Council, representing Zone 4 (SW ATL), working with a cross-section of citizens, clergy, business leaders and law enforcement officials to reduce and eliminate criminal gang activity in our community;


My Brother's Keeper Fulton County Task Force member, via President Barack Obama's White House initiative, working to implement strategies and programs aimed at empowering boys and young men of color. 


Raynard is known for keeping everyone  informed about issues, events and/or information happening in the community.

Follow him on twitter - @RaynardJohnson

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