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Good Evening Mrs. Jordan,

It was my pleasure to meet with your group in regard to your concerns surrounding the recent incidents of crime and disorder in an around the Gas Stations / Convenience Stores located in the South Fulton Area. I honestly believe we have made great in roads in reducing the occurrence of these type  crimes and I would encourage continued engagement by you and your group as we partner with you as we all seek to make South Fulton the best community for us all to work, live and for our young people to play.

While we discussed a number of things today I am confident that as we move forward we will accomplish each and every one of our predefined goals. I stress communication is key and we must do so on an ongoing bases for the next 60- 90 days. To recap our actions to this point, Fulton County Police Special Services has been in contact with the various locations owners and or managers. We our in the process of including all the affected businesses in our current Criminal Trespass Program ("We Care"). This program allows for all Fulton County Police Officers to remove persons who are loitering / hanging around the store aimlessly . Persons doing so will be contacted a informed of the law as it relates to the described behavior. Security surveys will be offered to the affected businesses and upon completion suggestions will be  to improve the condition of the surrounding  environment.


Reduction of incidents of Crime at South Fulton Gas Stations/ Convenience Stores

Creation of a Round-table type forum for constructive dialogue between Owners, the Community, and Police

Implementation of C.P.T.E.D strategies (Territorial Reinforcement, Natural Surveillance, Access Control, and Maintenance)


We will work with the Business Owners and also allow for a reasonable time for the Owner to comply with the suggestions.  As we all know changes take time ,and we request your patience as we work to improve the conditions and safety index. We will meet again i the coming weeks to revisit our progress and to exchange ideas .Thank you all again for your engagement and commitment to keeping South Fulton Safe.

Please contact Det. Henry or Cpl. Pittman should you have any other needs or concerns.

Officer Roderick S. Pittman-Delancey, II
Uniform Patrol Division
Fulton County Police Department
(404)613-6600 office (404)699-4246 fax
“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.”
William Shakespeare (1564-1616); Dramatist, Poet

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