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Many thanks to Commissioner Marvin Arrington for ALL of your Support!


We had a successful Boycott/Protest with the Welcome All Community at the Chevron at 3565 Roosevelt Hwy on 11/19/16

Next Boycott - 12/4/16 at Chevron =3565 Roosevelt Hwy - 2pm - 5pm 

*New UPDATE - Chevron has signed a Security Assessment with FCPD - Progress

Community Engagement - Get Involved

Fulton County Police

Chevron called the police on us...we are glad they did because the police saw we were being peaceful & passionate about our cause and remained neutral. #wesupportFCPD

All Ages Joined The Boycott

Daphne Jordan and her Son Noah Boycotting the Chevron

Communities Unite

This husband and wife showed their support

Dynamic Duo

Team work made this all come together. Helen Willis and Daphne Jordan boycotting.

Strong Woman

Robyn McDonald (in the middle) lost her husband on 10/7/16 at this Chevron, she and her HOA president showed up to Boycott the Chevron.

Boycott In Full Effect

Helen Willis & Kenya Johnson, Former Fulton County DA showing support in the community.

From the Community

The Heards are from the community & Walter Jordan showed support!

Chevron Boycott 11/19

We made a huge impact, more work to do

1/4/17- Attend the Board of Commissioner's Meeting at 10 am to sign up for Public Comments.

141  Pryor Street, Atlanta 30303

We are asking them to Adopt the Convenient/Gas Station Resolution or Enforce the Existing Alcohol License Ordinance. Do Something to Make South Fulton Safe Now!

Please email the Fulton County Board of Commissioners and ask them to support the resolution to help reduce crime at Gas Stations in South Fulton.

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