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Required to provide a safe business

  • Gas Stations generate millions of dollars per year in revenue

  • They offer services to the public and our communities

  • Should not allow loitering at their business & enforce this policy 

  • Liable for what occurs at their place of business - PREMISE LIABILITY

  • They have Liquor & Beer Licenses that require a certain level of responsibility and accountability

Code Violations that can results in licenses being revoked and/or license renewals denied

 - Cannot have or be an endangerment to the public health, safety, or welfare because of unsanitary or unsafe private property.

License Requirements; Sec. 6-203 Violation of Code of Ordinances for Alcohol Beverages License:

Subsection (a) (b) (C) (8) (10) (15 (18)


Sec. 6-203. - Denial, suspension or revocation of license.

Section (18)

A high frequency of calls for police service or for police intervention to the licensed premises or the proposed licensed premises, during the 12 months immediately preceding the date of application, taking into consideration the severity of such incidents; or a high frequency of calls for police service or for police intervention around such premises, if it is demonstrated that any criminal activity around the licensed premises had some connection with the premises or the owner(s) or employees of the premises and/or the criminal activity occurred within 100 feet of the premises.

Safer Gas Station Ordinance - Passed!

Citgo - 5225 Campbellton Rd
Chevron - 3565 Roosevelt Hwy

- History of High Crime Incidents since 2011

- 10/7/16 - Death of Kenneth Ogelsby​

- Owner Refuses to increase security 

- 11/19/16 - Community Boycott/Protest
- 11/20/16 - Another person carjacked  at this location
- 11/23/16 - Fuel and Measures Division of the Department of Agriculture, sent an inspector to inspect gas pumps at Chevron Roosevelt Hwy for pump skimming

12/13/16 - Chevron has signed a Security Assessment with FCPD to improve security

Articles & Resources

11/5/16 - Citgo owners installed security cameras & hired an onsite guard.

Zero Crime incidents since 11/5/16!

Thank you CITGO for making your business Safe!

  • QuikTrip -5705 Fulton Industrial Blvd - 76 robberies/theft by taking past 181 days

  • 12/8/16 - We asked the local corporate office to hire an armed guard. 

  • 12/19/16 - Informed FCPD of their non-responsiveness to offer a Security Assessment

12/21/16 - QuikTrip hires Officers for Fulton Industrial Blvd & Union City Location. This was possible by collaborating with FCPD's Special Services Unit -Corporal Pittman we appreciate your collaborative efforts! Thank YOU QuikTrip for making your gas stations safe! 


BP - 3515 Cascade Rd near 285
Shell - 3850 Cascade Rd near 285

Most recent car jackings.... TODAY 12/26/16

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